Food, food & food!

Virginia mall will have a spread across fine dining, food courts & street food along with breathtaking views of Bangalore to serenade your senses!

The largest and most extensive Food and Beverage offering spread across Fine dining, Food courts and street food.

World Class Fine Dining

Dining forms an integral part of the overall experience at Virginia Mall.Gourmet food from across the world in stunning atmosphere. Virginia’s exclusive Sky dining lounge provides you with breathtaking views of Bangalore.

Collection of Street Foods

Varied cuisines from across the globe combined with food from the length and breadth of the country, in a casual setting. A unique mix of over 50 food and beverage counters, Virginia Mall will be in a unique position to satisfy the palate of diverse visitors.

Fiesta For Your Taste Buds!

Dining just got a lot more interesting for Members!

Redeem your rewards while you dine at our extensive range of restaurants, street food or casual eateries.

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